With the year coming to an end we can look back at the Gold Demand Trend for 2018 and see that Quarter 3 showed lucrative. the World Gold Council’s Gold Demand Trend Report showed the Gold was steady during Quarter 3 at 964 tonnes, with is up 6 tonnes from last year. Central Bank buying and a 13% rise in consumer demand balanced large outflows in gold backed exchange traded funds.

Demand in gold from bar and coin investors, jewelry demand, central bank gold reserves, and demand for gold in technological applications have risen during Quarter 3 which lead the ETF outflows to reach 103 tonnes in Q3 in 2018, the first quarter of outflows since Q4 in 2016.

Taken from the Article, Gold Demand Steady in Q3…  , on the World Gold Council Website, the major results included in the Fold Demand Trends in Quarter 3 2018 are as follows:

  • Overall demand was 964t, an increase of 1% compared with 958t in Q3 2017
  • Total consumer demand rose by 13% to 834t, from 739t in the same period last year
  • Total investment demand was down 21% to 195t compared with 246t in Q3 2017
  • Global jewellery demand increased by 6% to 536t, from 506t in the same period in 2017
  • Central bank demand was up by 22% to 148t compared with 122t in Q3 2017
  • Demand in the technology sector increased 1% to 85t compared with 84t in Q3 2017
  • Total supply fell by 2% to 1,162t, from 1,186t in the same period last year
  • Recycling decreased by 4% to 306t, compared with 318t in Q3 2017

For more information on Quarter 3 Gold Demand, follow the link above.

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