Gold is still and will always be a good investment. Instead of spending thousands of dollars to win the fast race of technology releases, such as cell phones, laptops, and cars, one thing that investing in gold coins can do for you, is securing your future despite odds.

Truth be told, gold may not be money in a form that you can use to buy for your every day needs but gold is more than enough to secure you and your family in the future. Gold can be your crisis back-up and your natural source of money when in need.

So if you are planning to purchase gold coins and invest in bullion coins, to help you make wise decisions, here are some of the things you need to know.

What You Need To Know

Gold existed long before our currency and it is the most popular of metals in terms of investment. For people who want to grow their savings, investing in gold is never a bad choice as its price had been increasing at a very attractive rate. However, it is important to conduct research before you buy gold coins. Knowing the type of coin and coin dealer can help you decide responsibly without regretting it in the long run.


There are two things you need to consider before buying bullion coins, the purity, and weight. It is measured in Karats; the higher the value, the better the gold. Also, the heavier the gold, the more superior in terms of value.

Another tip is to visually inspect the quality of the gold coins you are about to invest on. The darker the color is the more gold it contains, which means higher Karat value.


Know that trading of gold coins vary from one trader to another. Look for one that offers it reasonably without compromising quality. Others will sell them 40% higher than its buying cost. You have to make sure that you know how to deal with these types of dealers and learn how to distinguish the appropriate price.


Before buying all your bullion coins, you should already have a plan in mind for how you are going to store it. Well, putting it in the bank is always an option, but if you want to keep it closer then you can make a personal vault or gold storage just inside your house.

One good tip is to distribute them. Do not keep your gold in one place as it is more susceptible to thieves.

 Future Value

Know when there is already a high demand to start selling a few. Before buying, learn the projection of its values so you can estimate beforehand how much will you invest on.

Quality Seller

But above all, you should buy only to trusted sellers or dealers such as Xavier Coins & Currency that will guarantee you quality service and professionalism in helping you get the best of your investment.

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