Investing in silver is a good way of growing your money. That means, putting your money into production, trading or outright ownership of silver metal. An easy way to get started is by buying quantities of bullion in coin form or bar from and holding on to it. As you do, keep an eye on the market, paying close attention to the rises and falls of the market to make smart choices about further investment or selling decisions.

Investing in silver

While silver is still a commodity like anything else, precious metals like silver are a different class for investment. Unlike other commodities, silver isn’t limited to composition use. Similar to Gold, the price of silver is driven by market demand which means that it doesn’t have the normal production/consumption cycles of most commodities. The majority of silver’s value comes from its status as an investment value.

Why silver and not gold?

Investing in silver versus Gold isn’t necessarily a 100% better choice. Both have their Pros. With silver, investing usually has a lower cost than investing in gold. An investor can buy more silver for less money which can make for an attractive investment. Silver is also a fast moving and potentially lucrative investment, with its tendency toward price swings that can lead to higher gains. The market for gold is smaller which leads to more interest if you are looking for a stable investment.

On the other hand, silver is a much more stable investment in comparison to other stocks and paper investments. When facing a period of market instability, investors turn to precious metals for stability, most of the time investing in silver.

How to invest?

When looking into investing in silver, there are many avenues you can take:


One of the first thoughts people have when you say buying silver, is a stack of silver bars. Those bars are called bullion which is silver or gold in bulk. Bullion can take the form of bars or coins. This is the most straight forward way to invest, buying outright, physical pieces of silver to take and save somewhere safe while it accrues value, ready to sell when you see fit.

Silver futures and options

Another common way to invest is to invest in commodities, futures and options contracts which allow you to invest in the movement of the silver market. Your profits don’t come directly from the value of silver but rather, from the change of the value in the market.  Follow this link to learn more about SILVER FUTURES and OPTIONS

Silver ETFs

If you are not interested in investing in having physical silver, ETFs are funds traded on a stock exchange. ETFs are made of bundled their party assets and the value comes from how those assets perform. These ETFs follow the market price of silver, usually built around a specific amount or quantity of silver.  Follow this link to learn more about ETFs

Silver Market

The last avenue of investing in silver is to invest directly in the silver market. Through stocks and mutual funds, you can invest in mining companies and firms that work with production, distribution and use of silver. This option is more reliable and less volatile than other options because it not only follows the market for demand but has value beyond pure supply and demand.

Should you invest in silver?

Silver can be a strong and smart investment and a good addition to any portfolio. With silver being a stabilizing asset, it can give your portfolio a steady and diverse return. Even with these benefits, it is good to keep in mind how much of your portfolio you are willing to dedicate to investing in silver. Overall, silver is a volatile investment and having too much of your assets invested can greatly change your overall portfolio. Overall, silver is a great way to invest your assets, keeping in mind overall diversity of your investments and moderation within each.


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