On November 30th, 2017, an auction focused on ancient and rare coins are to be held. History told through the stories of Emperor Galba’s coins are available for public purchase, with other auctions coming up. If you’re a collector of rare coins, you’ll be intrigued beyond belief to check out just how many of these ancient coins for sale are worth a truckload. Other auctions for smaller batches of coins are to be held online from various sources.

November 18th, Dr. Busso Peus Nachfolger 

In this e-auction, you’ll be able to snag some Galba coins as well as over two-hundred years of history through the ascending years. Your collection isn’t complete until you cover half of the first portion of history’s Roman empire reign. This lot, in particular, are in fragile and historic condition. If you’re all about authenticity, both in viewing and in the touch, you’ve found your next auction.

November 26th, Lei Numismatik AG

Another web auction will offset silver 19mm coins for sale, you get a real feel for how everything was hand-carved during that era. While these coins will have a little wear and tear from the cleaning process, you’ll still be able to hold a piece of history, and display these beautiful silver coins for your visitors to see.

December 10th, Bertolami Fine Arts

November doesn’t hold the only auctions—later this year, coins from the Galba collection will be displayed on e-auction. Those who were able to withstand the Galba era did so via their cunning and ability to thrive, despite constant democratic upheaval. Multiple items will sell at this e-auction, dating back to Rome, AD 68.

Constant Circulation

As you can tell, there are plenty of Galba-era coins to go around, and a lot of history to cover. If you’re in the mindset to begin and complete a collection of these rare coins, you’ll be spending a lot of time (and a pretty penny) at some e-auctions this Christmas season.