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History of the American Silver Eagle

The American Silver Eagle is a favorite collector and investor coin and is one of the most widely recognized and accepted silver bullion coin in the world. Produced with silver mined from American mines, it represents a truly 100% U.S. product.  There aren’t many things you can buy today that have that pedigree and are of the quality of the American Silver Eagle.

Walking Liberty Half

The design of the Silver Eagle was not the first to bear the walking liberties’ beautiful design. In the early 1900’s, in a move by President Theodore Roosevelt to bring beauty back into American Coinage, Adolph A. Weinman created the Walking Liberty Half Dollar design. The design was chosen among many to replace the current Barber design by the Commission of Fine Arts in 1916 and was minted till 1947.

In 1986, the American Silver Eagle was first struck by the US Mint after Senator McClure introduced the Liberty Coin Act, which authorized the coins creation in hopes of reducing the national stockpile of silver. The design was re-purposed for the American Silver Eagle after the nation’s love for the design of the Walking Liberty Half Dollar. It brought with it, an enthusiasm for investors and collectors alike.

American Silver Eagle Reverse

The Name, American Silver Eagle

The name, the American Silver Eagle comes from its reverse design, designed by John M. Mercanti,  which features an eagle perched behind a shield. The eagle carries arrows and an olive branch in it’s talons. Above the eagle, 13 stars represent the original 13 colonies that started our country.

Types of American Silver Eagles

The American Silver Eagle is one Troy ounce of .999 fine silver. There are different types of Silver Eagles minted each year. The first is Burnished Coin which is an uncirculated American Silver Eagle with a “W” mint mark representing its’ mint in West Point and was specially struck on burnished planchets. This type appeals to investors and collectors in mind for their special finish.

The second type is the American Silver Eagle Proof Coin which are made with collectors in mind. Their beautiful look comes from being struck multiple times to give the background an attractive mirror-like finish. The design on the American Silver Proof coins appears to be matte creating a beautiful contrast to the shiny background. The American Silver Eagle Proof coins have both numismatic and investment value which gives many collectors the best of both worlds.

The last type is the American Silver Eagle Uncirculated coins. These are the most common and are desired primarily as an investment in silver bullion.  These coins are produced at both the San Francisco and West Point Mints. These are most commonly purchased in Mint tubes containing 20 uncirculated coins or in green “Monster Boxes” containing 500 ounces in 25 tubes.