Collecting rare coins can be a truly fulfilling experience. The thrill when you get your hands on a beautiful, all-sparkly rare coin is exquisite. Coin collecting has been a classic hobby for many years, and its popularity does not seem to stop anytime soon. Now that 2018 is at the threshold, here are some of the rarest coins for you to keep your eye on.

Indulge in Rare Coin Collecting

One of the top coins that you can add to your collection is the 1909 S VDB Lincoln penny. VDB stands for Victor David Brenner. This is, of course, one of the most popular options, when it comes to rare coins. Over 100 years have passed since it was brought to the public. Nowadays, it is sought after as a great coin to add to any collection.

1878 Morgan Dollar also makes the hearts of each coin collector beat fast. This is a solid investment, too. Look out for the writing “E Pluribus Unumâ€, which means “Out of Many, Oneâ€. Check it out among coins Mesa, and maybe you get lucky.

Amongst all Indian pennies, you will find none that exceeds the value of 1877 Indian head penny. This makes it a prudent investment for any coin enthusiast. Such collectibles gain even more value over time, which is something you should consider.

1916 Standing Liberty Quarter is another rare coin to put in your bucket list for 2018. If you can afford it, you will own one of the 50,000 ever minted! It is definitely an impressive coin, minted in Philadelphia and made of silver. The bald eagle is a true masterpiece.

Finally, 1978 D Eisenhower Ike Dollar is a coin of exceptional value. It is uncirculated and dates back to 1978, having been minted in Denver. You will see the date, along with the bust and the depiction of “Liberty†and “In God we Trust†on the coin.

A Wealth of Rare Coins

If you do your research, you will certainly find a wide variety of rare coins available for sale in the market. Just be sure that they are not replicas. This is why you need to be meticulous in coin collecting. Check the certificates of authenticity and inspect the coins for flaws.

Even if a coin has been damaged or worn out over time, it is not devaluated significantly. Time takes its toll on everyone, after all. So you can rest assured that even deteriorated rare coins can be of great value.

Browse through the collections of coins Mesa and enjoy the excitement they are able to offer you. Just before entering 2018, it is great to start researching. In this way, you will get precious coins that you can add to your collection. New Year’s wish list should at least include some of them!